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Sucker Punch

In the early hours of January 3 2020, Major General Qasem Soleimani, Iran's most senior military officer and commander of the Quds force, was assassinated in a drone strike at the Baghdad Airport whilst on a diplomatic mission from Tehran. Moments later, U.S. president Donald Trump tweeted a lo-res image of an American flag. The assassination of a diplomatic envoy in a third country means that the US is now officially at war with both Iraq and Iran. It also guarantees, as Eric Striker observes, that no American soldier will ever be safe in the Middle East again. The repercussions of this cowardly act of open provocation can scarcely be gauged in the moment, and are better left to more qualified political analysts to speculate on. What follows instead is a review of some of the cinematic aspects of this brazen travesty.

With its waxing and waning subplots, hero-villain romances, changing lead actors, regular character derailments, low budget special effects and stock visual metapho…

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